digitisation and document scanning
| | Jim Cohen

Automation: Because there has to be a better way!

Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘there has to be a better way’? We hear you.

When it comes to processing data through your organisation, are you fed up with the way things are done?  Have you been forced to follow the status quo because it is just the way things are?  Powerless and exhausted, you know there is a better way, but why doesn’t anyone do something about it?

One question we frequently ask is ‘Why would you continue to do things the same way if there’s a better option?’  After all, times change, technologies change, and the job at hand is not getting any easier.

You often hear talk of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, but this usually masks the real intention – more work with fewer staff.  As a result, the tasks pile up with no end in sight.

Fear not, as you are not alone.  In fact, we have run into office after office of filing cabinets hiding the disorganisation.  Effectively out of sight, out of mind.

However, the impact is real.  Lost files, compromised confidential data, the loss of relevant information, and even worse, time-consuming processes and a general sense of frustration.





We don’t simply shift from manual or paper-based systems to electronic systems.  We help you to modernise processes by creating a better working environment, more efficient data systems, more effective tracking systems, and increased availability to the information you need to get the job done. It does not need to be like this. Automated solutions can transform the way business is conducted and this is where we come in.  Clients rely on Avantix to work alongside with them, to understand their current problems, long-term goals and the kind of solutions they need to implement to take their business to the next level using automation.

If you are dissatisfied with your existing processes, you have a choice; either continue to do things the old way and get the same results or make your life easier by transforming the way you work.

Our team works with clients of all sizes and in all industries throughout Australia.  We understand creating an automated system is meaningless if it does not benefit everyone – today and tomorrow. Moreover, a clearly defined ROI in under 12 months is essential.

Many of the people we have worked with initially thought their cause was hopeless and would fall neatly into the “too-hard basket”. This is a trap! As soon as our clients saw how seamlessly their goals could be met, the hesitation quickly dissipated.

Will you continue to just think there is a better way or are you willing to take action?  Once you and those around you become champions for change, anything is possible.  The first step is yours. Contact us to find out how others who were in a similar situation to you, have achieved extraordinary results.

Avantix empowers businesses to realise the benefits of digital information. Our core services reduce the time it takes to locate relevant business information, supporting better decision making. Our intelligent information processing and digital solutions transform disparate silos of information into searchable intellectual property that is securely accessible.  Contact us at info@avantix.com.au for more information.