St Vincents ERMS Data Governance
| | Duncan Lord

Avantix improves records management, ERMS & data governance at St Vincent’s Health

Avantix has completed a project involving the scanning of employee personnel files for thousands of health sector workers.

Working with St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA), Avantix transformed over 150 archive boxes of paper files into electronic records, ready for import into the organisation’s Human Resources Records Management System.

The project represented a crucial step in the expansion of the Shared Services Payroll section of SVHA to a national service, covering the Private, Aged Care and Group Services Divisions of SVHA. ‘Our files grew exponentially,’ says SVHA’s Manager of the Project, Ash Hansen. ‘We needed to consolidate.’

Committed to using a Queensland based service, Avantix was engaged after a successful trial. ‘On the strength of our prior experience and ability to decipher the optimum way to transition paper records to digital, Avantix was awarded the contract to digitise the entire back scanning archive of HR records,’ says Avantix CEO, Duncan Lord.

Data Governance and Records Management

Two of the essential ingredients in the success of the project – Digitisation compliance requirements and database fields, were tested at this stage.

‘It was identified through the trial that slight adjustments were needed to the data criteria to make the information more usable in HP RM8. This ensured the digital records could match the desired enterprise information, erms and data governance requirements,’ says Lord.

Avantix is proud to report that the project exceeded expectations, empowered through a collaborative mind set. ‘The project was on budget and high quality,’ says the SVHA Project Manager, Ash Hansen. ‘There was flexibility on both sides and communication was very transparent and personable.’

Communication is vital to such a project. ‘The project ran with constant communication between Avantix and SVHA with respect to the progress,’ says Lord.

Project timelines allowed for a 6-8 week period for SVHA to conduct a thorough quality review post digitisation. There was a contingency for re-scanning of exceptions if needed however, none was required. ‘That showed a very high-quality delivery by the Avantix team,’ says Hansen. ‘There was total commitment to quality.’

With the 9,000 personnel files previously taking up one-third of a very large office, SVHA was able to immediately repurpose the valuable office space for more productive use. Business efficiencies have also been created as now records can be accessed without needing to locate and unpack the physical file.

The project was so successful that other parts of SVHA Queensland have undertaken, or plan to undertake further digitisation projects. Avantix has also worked with Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital and is in discussion with two other facilities.

If your office space or business processes would benefit from a similar digitisation process, don’t hesitate to contact us for helpful guidance through your paper-to-digital transition.