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Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

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As a division of one of the world’s largest mining companies Anglo American PLC, Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd processes more than 20,000 invoices per month across its Australian sites. Managing such a multitude of transactions manually meant processing, sorting and stamping mail, forwarding it to the appropriate person for approval each day, and then entering returned invoices into the organisation’s ERP. This process was not only time consuming and labour intensive but also meant that unprocessed invoices were invisible, invoices got lost and were generally impossible to track.


Anglo American Metallurgical Coal started talking to Avantix about an automated solution for its AP process, and in August 2011 the program went live with one site, followed by a progressive roll out to all other sites within four months. The Complete Automated Accounts Payable Solution (CAAPS) is tailor-made to Anglo American Metallurgical Coal’s business rules and operations. CAAPS now is able to facilitate the workflow of the entire process – invoices are routed to Avantix and scanned into the system, electronically routed to the end user for approval, and then submitted electronically into the ERP.


“The AP solution has increased our visibility over invoices, transformed our on time payment terms with our suppliers and also provided online approval for end users whilst improving throughput of our AP team.” – Tanya Sacre – APAC Superintendent of Employee Services & Process Optimisation – Global Shared Services

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