Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM)

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The DNRM brings together core functions focused on land and water management, mine safety and health, and mining and petroleum services. A part of DNRM is the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) which provides geoscience and resource information to improve the understanding of the geology, minerals and energy resource potential of Queensland.

One of the Department’s core responsibilities is to supply seismic data to external clients, mostly industry based. This data is used to view seismic sections over an area of interest, reprocess old data to produce clearer seismic sections, and convert images of seismic sections to an industry standard electronic format; SEGY files which produce 3D models and the preferred way of viewing seismic data.

Images of the seismic sections are on acetate sheeting known as “sepia sections”. The hardcopy paper and sepia sections data dates back from the 1950’s with some sepia sections beginning to deteriorate. To replace the information, the maps of Queensland’s subsurface basins, it would cost millions.

The GSQ needed to undertake scanning of the delicate and important sepia sections to convert them to electronic format for preservation purposes and to prepare the images for conversion to SEGY format.


Engaged through tender process, Avantix partnered with DNRM to convert the seismic hardcopy data to electronic format within 6 months. Sepia sections were scanned to 400dpi 24bit colour images and passed rigorous quality checking by a third party independent auditor. Regular communication was maintained throughout the project between Avantix, the quality auditors and DNRM. Weekly QA and project KPI reports were emailed to DNRM to keep them informed of the project at all times.


The project was completed under budget and before the deadline. A number of sepia sections were of poor degraded quality that needed a much greater time and care to scan to high quality. These were overcome and handled within the successful timeframe.

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