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When Queensland electricity distributor Energex contemplated a move to its new
Building in Newstead, the company saw the opportunity to reduce storage space and increasing productivity.

The company, which is one of the Queensland’s largest and fastest‐growing organisations, put out a tender in late 2007 for a project to convert its library of CAD drawings – comprising more than 54,000 manual records – into TIFF files.

“By converting our legacy paper records into electronic format we knew we could make the stored information more accessible,” said Energex Project Leader Mr. Greg Carlill. Energex selected Avantix, which had been working with Energex for several years converting hard copy drawings into CAD format.

“Whenever one of our engineering design people has a project, they send the drawings to Avantix for conversion into the MicroStation CAD format,” Mr. Carlill said.

“This has resulted in substantial cost savings for Energex as we can now easily make changes to the digitized drawings. The proposed project would include scanning and tagging the entire archive.”

The project involved scanning the entire Energex drawing library, most of which was taking up considerable space in hanging racks on‐site.

“Over a three‐month period, Avantix scanned 54,000 plans into TIFF images, on time and within budget,” Mr. Carlill said.

Today Energex staff, in particular around 100 designers and engineers, can search, retrieve and email CAD drawings using the same numbering system as the original drawings. The project has eliminated the need for on‐site storage and hard copy handling and transportation.

ProjectWise is used by Energex for document control. A major feature is that staff no longer need to access manual records and only on very rare occasions microfilm.

“The documents are searchable and all you need to do is click on a record to view the TIFF file, with as high a degree of accuracy and integrity as the original. We didn’t plan for productivity increases but that has been an outcome, as people no longer need to leave their desks to search manually through the drawings.”

About Energex

Energex has more than 3700 staff working in a range of roles to supply electricity to a population of around 2.8 million people in South East Queensland.

With more than $8 billion in total assets and more than 80 years’ industry experience, the company has a strong focus on customer communications, positive environmental outcomes and community safety.

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