Data Capture services from
scanned images and PDF files
High volume printed or hand written source documents
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Data Capture

At Avantix, our secure data capture and data entry services provide your team with fast and accurate data, at a lower cost.

Our specialists take the time to understand your specific project requirements and business processes to recommend the best method of data capture for your situation. Our team is highly proficient at managing complex projects involving combinations of structured and unstructured documents containing text, handwriting, marks and barcodes.


High Error Rate

Avantix offers a service level guarantee of 99.5% Accuracy

Time Consuming Checking

Avantix does this for you and takes accountability for producing consistent results

Spike in Volume

Avantix offers a seamless blended service where you handle normal levels and we take care of the spikes when they happen

Slow Turnaround Time

Avantix automation platform and scalable solutions provides lightning fast turnarounds

Missing important data

Avantix unique business rules engine provides a validation layer and exception handling workflow to address critical data fields

Loss of focus from core tasks

Let us take care of the grunt work so your people can concentrate on driving value to the business

Hand written or excessive variance in source information

Make this our problem, not yours. We love the challenge

Key person is unexpectedly not available

Avantix blended service gives you a purpose trained partner to rely upon in moments of need until you are ready

Bad or siloed data causing issues downstream in the workflow

Combine multiple data sources and handle exceptions before they enter your business processes

Looking for help with your data capture?

One of our friendly advisers can guide you through the options available




When dealing with unstructured forms or documents, sometimes OCR cannot be effective enough to get the desired result. The Avantix capture workflow identifies data fields that fall below the confidence threshold and re-routes the document to our manual key entry team. Encapsulated within a modularised workflow environment.

Our capture automation platform controls the dual capture methods of OCR and Manual Key in the one streamlined process that guarantees 99.5% accuracy regardless of variations in the source files.


Together, QCCAT and Avantix developed and implemented the Cancer Registry Imaging System.
A custom built record system that would assist in the electronic management and processing of patient records and cancer notifications



Data Entry Solutions convert original hardcopy or softcopy source files into meaningful data, including:

  • Accounts Payable Invoices
  • Statement Reconcilliations
  • Sales Orders
  • Payroll Data
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Claim Forms
  • Patient records
  • Application Forms
  • Test and Inspection Reports
  • Work Orders
  • Learning and Development forms
  • OH&S
  • Geology Reports
  • As-Built Drawings


Avantix utilises a powerful image and data delivery system for all the major Document Management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems.

Our migrations are supported by our technical team to work in conjunction with you and your protocols to provide a seamless solution from end to end. With 50+ application specific migrations, we can empower you with the back-end automation to remove the burden associated with bulk data imports, validations, reporting and compliance.

Find out how our data capture, data entry, and data cleansing solutions can assist your business. Contact Avantix today to discuss your next data project.