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Data Consolidation & Cleansing

Data is the core of any business, and the impact of bad data adversely affects business efficiency, productivity and profitability. In the case of regulated industries, it can lead to compliance violations, fines and legal costs.

The key is to deliver accurate data at the right time to the right users. At all levels. Business users need to be able to trust their information and have confidence that it is:

• Accurate
• Timely
• Complete
• Consistent

Avantix deploys specially engineered information consolidation and data cleansing processes to systematically examine high volumes of data from multiple sources that may include incorrect or incomplete information. This process takes the corrective action needed to produce a reliable data feed that integrates into your core software systems.
data validation

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Create a single set of complete data, regardless of the source. Companies collect a wide variety of information from both internal and external sources that risk becoming unused when it matters the most.

Over time suppliers/contractors change the way they supply information, standards change, internal records keeping practices vary, your people change and new software implemented. Vital information ends up stored in many places and different formats. This variation creates challenges to version control, visibility and usability in the current business processes.

To gain all the benefits of converting this into a digitally integrated “single source of truth”, the solution is not always obvious or the roadblocks in your way can feel insurmountable.

Avantix can do the heavy lifting for you. Through our Data Consolidation and Cleansing solutions, empower your business processes with Accurate, Timely, Complete and Consistent data.


Audit existing plant and equipment documentation to identify and correct the data set to align with the desired taxonomy. A standard set of attributes created from unstructured records brings clarity to valuable historical information.

This merging of information will provide the functionality to search across the entire technical information regardless of origin (paper or electronic) using attributes such as document control number, vendor, project, discipline, P&ID tags, equipment numbers or any number of relevant fields. De-Dupe – Enrich – Standardise – Discover.

The audit and cataloguing can be carried out on technical information comprised of design drawings, engineering documents (data sheets, specifications, technical analysis), vendor data or maintenance manuals.

The vendor data information may require an additional set of attributes to provide a further level of categorisation (vendor data code & vendor document number & revision number or more).

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Together, QCCAT and Avantix developed and implemented the Cancer Registry Imaging System.
A custom built record system that would assist in the electronic management and processing of patient records and cancer notifications



Once data and files have been audited, duplicates removed, latest revisions identified and a single set of relevant source information is established, it is time to fill in the gaps.

For information to be useful, it needs to be easily found by the front line business users when they need it. It is imperative to have all the necessary fields complete through capturing relevant data from the source.

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