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Digital Mailroom

Automate your information distribution at the point it first enters the organisation.  Avantix provides digital mailroom solutions to digitise, classify and dynamically workflow based upon your business rules.

Remove the bottleneck to information flow and help staff access the appropriate inbound communication (both hard copy mail and email attachments) from the one integrated platform.


  • Utilising the latest technology in mail opening and extraction
  • Gain access to critical information sooner.
  • Identify exceptions and route for corrective action before it impacts business users.
  • Machine learning document classification and document sorting technology continually improves results.
  • Reduce labour costs and error rates by using document recognition and routing technology to deliver better results.
  • Multi-Channel workflows for correspondence, forms, contracts, and other document types to route them to the appropriate destination.
  • Secure payment processing with advanced MICR reading and automatic redaction solutions for verification of cheques and capture of metadata.


Improves service quality with faster response times

Boosts productivity with more efficient business processes

Reduces time and costs spent on manually sorting and distributing mail

Easily adaptable to new or changing document types

Accommodates numerous information channels and existing applications

Ability to channel from multiple sites directly into one centralised classifying and indexing engine

With the Avantix secure mail service, your mail is collected, opened, scanned, classified, data captured, electronically distributed according to your rules and designated returns delivered to your premises.

All within the agreed morning timeframe and occurring daily.



The payment processing sector has the highest transaction integrity requirements. Highly regulated and strictly enforced privacy laws require a unique combination of precision, security, and speed.

Avantix mailroom innovations and transaction processing solutions have set the standard for document workflow excellence. Reduce your processing steps by up to 60 percent and manual handling by over 90 percent. Utilising advanced MICR reading solutions, cheques are verified, important metadata is captured and reports are generated for batch processing.



Processing remittance documents is a key aspect of maintaining cash flow, improving customer service, generating recurring revenue and reducing overall costs associated with processing payments.

With Avantix Electronic Mailroom remittance solutions, payment data fields can be customised to add associated financial data to each transaction within a deposit. Gain access to an online archive of payments history up to seven years of data. Our remittance processing service is the vehicle to:

  • Increase cash flow
  • Improve customer service through access to payments data
  • Improve deposit speed
  • Generate more recurring revenue


Avantix secure transportation services are available throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Hobart.



For records of high sensitivity or requiring immediate accessibility, Avantix deploy’s skilled people and leading technology for you to leverage the power of our digitisation experience.

This self contained and managed team can be embedded in to your organisation, in a secure environment, giving you ultimate control and convenience.