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Reporting and Analytics

Record and gain access to metrics that do not (and cannot) exist in your legacy systems.

Unleash the power of analytics for data-driven decision making with Avantix Information Processing Solutions. Bring together data from all of your silos of information, regardless of where they are and automate the reports that drive profit increasing activities. Empower your people with this knowledge, without time wasted manually adjusting Excel spreadsheets.


You can ask us for solutions in the following segments:

  • Analytics Platforms/Solutions
  • Analytics System Integration Solutions
  • Analytics Mobility Solutions


Our solutions will help you:

  • Manipulate data, crystallising trends, patterns and anomalies
  • Find new patterns and relationships
  • Explain root cause analysis
  • Improve forecasting



For records of high sensitivity or requiring immediate accessibility, Avantix deploy’s skilled people and leading technology for you to leverage the power of our digitisation experience.

This self contained and managed team can be embedded in to your organisation, in a secure environment, giving you ultimate control and convenience.


Contact Avantix to find out more about our data extraction and intelligent OCR processing solutions today.