Medical Record Scanning Benefits
| | Jim Cohen

Benefits of Medical Record Scanning: The Key to a More Efficient and Organised Practice

We understand the importance of efficient record management in private clinics. When a combination of both physical and digital medical records are used for each patient, it increases the challenges of efficient data management. This article will delve into the core issues encountered with managing patient’s medical records and discuss how digitisation can be the ultimate solution. We’ll explore how Avantix can help Practice Managers, through medical record scanning, overcome these hurdles and streamline record-keeping practices.

Dealing with a Part Electronic, Part Paper Environment

Medical files taking up premium office space, either on shelving or in a compactus, is a familiar scenario for many clinics. As these records have a long retention period, a solution is needed that both meets the need for ongoing access and to minimise valuable space needed to house the records. Deciding whether to scan the medical records, retain them on premise, or opt for off-site storage can be perplexing. The top three core challenges generally faced are available budget, difficulty accessing certain files when needed, and a lack of space. It’s time to address these challenges head-on and embrace the full potential of a paperless environment.

How Digitisation Solves These Problems

In our fast-paced healthcare world, digitisation emerges as the key to addressing the challenges we encounter with documents that sit outside of your practice management software. Expert medical record scanning and indexing services can vastly improve record-keeping practices:

1. Immediate Access to Documents

With digitisation, we bid farewell to relying on cumbersome paper files and welcome easy access to electronic medical records (EMR). Scanning and indexing medical records ensures that critical information is just a click away, by accurately linking scanned documents to the EMR within your practice management software. Empowering well-informed decisions and streamlined workflow for improved patient care.

2. Space Optimisation

Physical file storage often hampers space within the clinic, but it’s time to reclaim that precious real estate. Digitisation not only frees up space for better utilisation, but also creates an organised and efficient environment, enhancing the overall clinic experience for both staff and patients.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Let’s talk finances! Digitisation proves to be a cost-effective alternative to off-site storage solutions, for records that may require access and retrieval. Investing wisely in medical record scanning and indexing allows you to make the most of your long term budget while ensuring seamless access to medical records, bolstering efficiency and ultimately patient care..

Looking to move premises?

Scanning enables you to shrink required floor space when deciding on the new office!


Real-Life Use Cases: Embracing the Digital Transformation

Now, let’s dive into real-life scenarios where Avantix’s expertise made a significant impact on clinics’ journeys towards a fully electronic work environment:

Use Case 1: A Digital Transition

A forward-thinking plastic surgeon made the bold decision to embrace digital practices by eliminating paper records entirely. However, dealing with over 300 boxes worth of medical records seemed a daunting task. Avantix converted the medical records into digital assets whilst working flexibly to scan and convert in a progressive manner, at a pace suited to the practice. Batch import and automatic linking greatly assisted in reducing the time to ingest and complete the project. The outcome was remarkable, enabling the practice to thrive in the digital era.

Use Case 2: Medical Records Management in the Age of Remote Work

A practice manager overseeing 15 physicians faced an organisational challenge. Physicians would request paper medical records from shelves and not understand the impact on the administrative staff maintaining an organised records system. With remote work becoming the norm, the situation worsened for both the administrative staff and the clinician. However, with Avantix’s support, a medical record scanning and indexing solution was adopted. This integrated with their existing practice management software, ensuring better organisation and seamless remote access. The clinic received an EMR scanning service that resulted in a better experience for both staff and patients.

These use cases demonstrate the transformative power of digitisation. By drawing upon our expertise in patient record scanning solutions, we can help you overcome the challenges of working in a hybrid paper-electronic environment, achieve operational efficiency, and offer an exceptional patient experience. Let’s embark on this digital journey and unlock the full potential of our clinics.