Medical Record Scanning Services Medical Record Scanning Services

Medical Record Scanning Services

Specialising in the digitisation of patient records for Medical practices & private Hospitals. Compliant - Secure - Cost Effective

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Medical Record Data Capture Services Medical Record Data Capture Services

Medical Record Data Capture Services

High volume data capture, validation and data merging services. Engineered to handle the most challenging paper-based medical records and images.

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Medical Record Processing Solutions Medical Record Processing Solutions

Medical Record Processing Solutions

Software solutions to optimise business processes, reduce cost, improve data capture accuracy and integration with core systems.

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Medical Record Scanning


At Avantix, we understand the challenges that medical practices face in managing their paper-based patient records. Historical patient records are often kept in storage, sometimes offsite, and ‘on demand’ back scanning to service ad hoc requests is common practice.
Digitising medical records can be a complex and time-consuming task, but it offers a number of benefits for Australian medical practices.


Improved efficiency: Electronic medical records (EMRs) can be accessed quickly and easily, which can save time for both patients and medical staff. This can lead to shorter wait times for patients, and it can free up staff time to focus on other tasks.


Increased accuracy: EMRs are less likely to contain errors than paper-based records. This is because EMRs can be easily and automatically checked for accuracy, and they can be easily updated when changes are made. This can lead to improved patient care, as doctors and other healthcare providers can be confident that they are working with accurate information.


Enhanced security: EMRs can be password-protected and encrypted, which helps to protect patient privacy.


Reduced costs: Medical record scanning can save money on storage costs, printing costs, and labor costs. This can free up resources that can be used to improve patient care.


Improved compliance: EMRs can help medical practices to comply with regulations, such as the Privacy Act 1988. This is because EMRs can be easily tracked and audited, which helps to ensure that patient information is being handled in accordance with the law.


Improved patient care: EMRs can help to improve patient care by providing quick and easy access to patient information. This can help doctors to make better diagnoses and to provide more informed treatment. EMRs can also be used to track patient progress and to coordinate care between different healthcare providers.

Our medical record scanning services converts paper-based patient records into a text searchable electronic archive that can help you improve your practice.

Our services include:


If you are a medical practice in Australia, medical record scanning is a wise investment. It can save you time, money, and improve the quality of care you provide to your patients.


Contact Avantix today to learn more about our medical record scanning services and how we can help you improve your practice.

Government Approved Supplier

Pre-approved supplier of scanning services to any Australian State, Federal or Local Government.



State Library New South Wales and Avantix

State Library New South Wales Panel Member for Digitisation of Heritage Materials

State Library of Queensland and Avantix

State Library Queensland Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for scanning services


National Library Australia Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for Scanning Services


National Archives of Australia Deed of Standing Offer (DoSO) Digitisation Services for Paper and Printed Materials

National Archives of Australia Deed of Standing Offer (DoSO) for Digitisation Services for Photographic Materials, Aerial Film and Microforms


State Library Victoria Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for Digitising and Reformatting Services


Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade Panel Contract for Scanning and Digitisation of Hardcopy Seismic Sections, Well Logs, Microfilm and Data Transcription

Reserve Bank of Australia Panel Contract for Heritage and Archival Records Digitisation

Medical Record Scanning

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