HR Records Document Scanning
| | Duncan Lord

New Hope for document scanning when urgency and accuracy are key

When urgency and accuracy are equally imperative, you need to have complete faith in those you engage. New Hope Group, a majority Australian owned and operated diversified energy company, were in this situation with a super-urgent need for bulk document scanning services.

“HR and Maintenance Records were to be scanned, watermarked and entered into our EDRMS,” says Jeni Bush, Records & Information Officer with New Hope Group. “Due to tight external timeframes, there was an urgency to scan entire hard copy files, including file cover and notes, within two days.”
Avantix had previously been engaged by New Hope Group to scan geological records as part of a company transfer. This expertise, coupled with Avantix’s competitive pricing and prompt availability, established them as the preferred vendor for this document scanning initiative.

Authentication of the scanned documents was a crucial element. “There were exacting, precise requirements for this job with external review, meaning that compliance was of the utmost importance,” says Duncan Lord, Avantix CEO. “It was essential that the digital records contained proof they had not been altered in any way.”

A watermark was the chosen solution. “On this occasion the watermark was required to protect the integrity of the document in the hands of external parties,” says Jeni. “A digital signature may be an option in the future.”
In addition to document scanning, Avantix incorporated a catalogued text searchable PDF capability for the digitised documents through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Jeni expressed her appreciation for this value-added feature, as the external parties engaged to audit the documents found it greatly beneficial.


New Hope Document Scanning


Even in a time-critical project like this, the company values of New Hope Group were top of mind when choosing a supplier. “We believe it is our responsibility to be a key partner in and with our local communities,” says New Hope Group’s Community Charter. “Our company policy is to use local contractors and suppliers for our operational needs wherever possible. We also liked the initiatives that Avantix has put in place to employ people on the Autism spectrum and set them up for success.”

The project was delivered on time and within budget. Jeni confirmed, “All requirements were met, and the work was completed on time as promised.” She also highlighted good communication as another key component of the project. Jeni appreciated not only being kept well-informed during the project’s intense phases, but also the ease of communication when planning new initiatives or discussing emerging trends in the digital scanning industry.

“We have found Avantix’s services to be professional, reliable and efficiently conducted in a courteous manner,” says Jeni. “We look forward to continuing this association.”

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