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Book Scanning

Avantix book scanning services are committed to the safe preservation of historical, corporate and culturally significant collections.

Choose to convert your valuable bound books and printed material collections into easily accessible digital image file formats, including, PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG and ePUB options.

Our non destructive book scanning services have been used and trusted by hundreds of libraries, museums, universities, institutions, companies and government agencies since 2001. All of whom value the care taken while handling one of a kind originals and the professionalism of the Avantix team. Our purpose built scanning facility adheres to strict environmental and access controls, ensuring the right protocols are in place for compliance and preservation.

Digital accessibility with preservation of original collection materials




Quality results are the primary focus of any book digitisation project. Superior image reproduction, comprehensive metadata for compliance and high accuracy OCR for researchers conducting a content search is the formula for quality results.

Enable digital retrieval, so the original materials are preserved while giving you the freedom to make the content accessible to the public and institutions in Australia and around the world.

An experienced project team will work with your staff to understand the outcomes required and determine the project methodology implemented. All our book scanning processes are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy, image fidelity and accountability throughout the engagement.


Avantix personnel are trained by State Libraries Queensland for the correct handling and storage techniques of historic bound books and printed materials, ensuring that each valuable collection item is returned in the same condition in which it was received.



Utilising the latest book scanning service technologies, we can capture and digitise a broad range of bound and unbound source materials while maintaining complete book integrity, including:

  • Journals
  • Bound books
  • Magazines
  • Technical manuals
  • Historic board meeting minutes
  • Reference books
  • Historical volumes
  • Council records
  • Manuscripts
  • and many more


Our book scanning equipment utilises the latest in overhead scan technology with adjustable V-shaped book cradle.

These book scanning machines are engineered to ensure books remain in their ‘natural state’ during the scanning process, regardless of book thickness.

The use of V-shaped book cradles enables distortion free scans while protecting the book binding. With an optical resolution of 600dpi and industry leading post-scan enhancement features, our range of scanners allows us to provide effective solutions for delicate historical books that align to your time and budgetary requirements.



Avantix develops digital content with upscale & interactive publishing features for every eReader device available in the market today including, Amazon Kindle™, Apple products (iPad & iPhone), SONY® eBook Reader, Droid, Barnes & Noble NOOK, and Mobipocket. We cater to both reflowable & fixed layout ePUB file formats.


Avantix secure transportation services are available throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Hobart.



For records where high sensitivity or time critical accessibility means they cannot leave your office, the Avantix mobile team & scanning equipment are ready to be deployed at your premises.

This self contained and managed team can be embedded in to your organisation, in a secure environment, giving you ultimate control and convenience.