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Large Format Scanning

Preserve your intellectual property including maps, blueprints, technical files, plans, PDF and CAD drawings, with Avantix large format scanning and data capture solutions.

At Avantix, we understand that accurate reproduction of original drawings is paramount for a successful project.

Our attention to detail and top of the line equipment will allow you to modernise your business practices, improve workflow and cut overheads. The large format plan scanning service is engineered to produce an accurate and fully indexed result.

  • Scan plan sizes A3, A2, A1 and A0
  • Map and Plan wide format scanning up to 1.3m wide by unlimited length
  • Scan media up to 14mm thickness
  • Scanning can be done at high resolution either Colour or Black & White

With BIM and CAFM software becoming more and more sophisticated, organisations are rapidly changing the way they manage information.

Trouble arises when there is existing infrastructure involved that pre-dates CAD and the digital world. More recent project documentation already resides in a usable digital format, but brownfield sites still have drawings, technical documentation and reports remaining “trapped” in paper form. This goldmine of information may reside in multiple locations (both known and unknown) or be in the form of outdated standards that were adopted over different time periods. In many cases, these standards may have only partially been adhered to, or not at all.

Avantix specialises in high volume drawing scanning projects to audit > scan > data capture > cleanse, valuable hard copy records into digital to integrate into your core software systems.

For industries such as utilities, manufacturing, transport, mining, oil & gas, having a reliable and high performing asset base is critical.

Maintaining and renewing critical assets, requires timely access to accurate information to ensure the lowest cost of ownership. For this reason, companies are looking to leverage the power of digital and are transforming the way they work.

Integrated enterprise software manages high-value, critical assets, yet quite often the assets are much older than these systems. When front line people cannot easily access older records, or even worse, act without the right information due to time pressures, the risk of costly mistakes drastically increases.

Avantix can convert your paper-bound drawing and document libraries into up to date digital assets.


Consolidate all your technical information into one
standardised data set, integrated into your Information Management System of choice




Audit existing plant and equipment documentation to identify and correct the data set to align with the desired taxonomy. A standard set of attributes created from unstructured records brings clarity to valuable historical information.

This data will provide the functionality to search across the entire technical information regardless of origin (paper or electronic) using attributes such as document control number, vendor, project, discipline, P&ID tags, equipment numbers or any number of relevant fields. De-Dupe – Enrich – Standardise – Discover.

The audit and cataloguing can be carried out on technical information comprised of design drawings, engineering documents (data sheets, specifications, technical analysis), vendor data or maintenance manuals.

The vendor data information may require an additional set of attributes to provide a further level of categorisation (vendor data code & vendor document number & revision number or more).

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ProjectWise is used by Energex for document control. By converting legacy paper records, including 54,000 technical drawings, into electronic format, staff no longer need to access manual records:

“This has resulted in substantial cost savings for Energex as we can now easily make changes to the digitised drawings.”



Avantix secure transportation services are available throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Hobart.



For records where high sensitivity or time critical accessibility means they cannot leave your office, the Avantix mobile team & scanning equipment are ready to be deployed at your premises.

This self contained and managed team can be embedded in to your organisation, in a secure environment, giving you ultimate control and convenience.