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| | Vivienne Pearson

Sign On Glass transition looks good, even on paper

Does a fully integrated Sign On Glass program mean the complete absence of paper?

“Not in the immediate future,” is the verdict of CSR’s Manager Transactional Accounting Services, John Denyer. “In 10 years time, we might have migrated fully, but it will be a long time before we are truly paperless.”

For CSR, the ASX-listed building materials company incorporating brands like Gyprock, Monier and Bradford, developing a Sign On Glass program is the next step in the success of their CSR Connect portal. This cloud portal is an SAP-driven set of tools builders use for orders, invoice tracking and payments, that is equally useable on a computer, phone or tablet.

“CSR aims to drive innovation by providing customers with state of the art online solutions,” says Denyer, of their Sign On Glass (SOG) project that will see end-to-end online service delivery, including real-time delivery tracking.

This is forward thinking for one of Australia’s oldest manufacturing companies working within an industry not traditionally known for its embrace of technology. “It’s not that the industry is not change oriented,” says Denyer. “It’s just that recent demand has been so high that there hasn’t been as strong a need to look beyond the status quo.”

CSR’s forward thinking includes understanding that even the latest technology will not fully replace the need for an occasional piece of paper.

It’s recognition that these processes are not an instant switch,” says Denyer. There will be circumstances when we need to print a piece of paper. Certain key customers still demand a scanned image of the traditional paper signed version as the trusted proof to a sign on glass delivery”

This dual paper and digital work environment is where the services of Avantix come into play. CSR relies on Avantix, one of Australia’s leading digital information process providers, to capture data from paper-based documents and ready it for seamless integration into the automated systems.

“The strategy is a blended SOG and paper digital solution for a single point of reference throughout all depots for each of our business units.” says Denyer.  “SOG will be our primary system and we are striving towards a 100% uptake” Avantix is working with CSR to ensure their SOG goal is reached. The aim is for both electronic and paper proof to be equally accessible in SAP, regardless of how they originated.

CSR Connect GPS mobile use

“Putting a Proof Of Delivery (POD)  document scanning solution in place is a vital step towards moving to Sign On Glass,” says Duncan Lord, Avantix CEO. “Without this robust solution in place beforehand, the transition would have been vastly more challenging and costly.”

“Internal processes are streamlined so that management, credit department and dispatch staff can access one system for all their needs.  It will enable us to realise all the benefits of a digital system while the SOG solution is tested, perfected and incrementally rolled out across the organisation.” says Denyer

Avantix has supported CSR through the entire transition, from the days of dot-matrix printers to Sign On Glass. “Avantix work towards our strategic direction and, in the eight years we’ve been working together, they have been onside with whatever we’ve done,” says Denyer.

Of ultimate importance, is the goal of meeting customer needs regardless of the systems they choose to use. Says Denyer: “Avantix enables us to give full coverage for all our customers straight away.”

Avantix would like to celebrate CSR’s move to Sign On Glass.